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2021 CMN Global Summit

Step into your GREAT season! With hundreds of men in the room and online, the 2021 CMN Global Summit held last week in Dallas sparked momentum to produce a movement. Across over 100 nations, we see evidence that a fresh wind is blowing that says to RISE UP and RECOVER ALL. As we stated during […]


Guy’s —-Thank you for allowing me to speak into your life! Tom Thompson Wallace Hickey ( Happy Church, Marilyn Hickey Ministries ) my pastors would say we are beggars wanting to show other beggars where there is some good food.  For many years, the Charles Capps family has sewed into my life and every member […]


WELCOME TOM THOMPSON HERE!  I am 77 years old, have been in the furniture business for 54 years.  Did my military service in the army from 1964 to 1967.  Guy’s –for many years, the Edwin Louis Cole family has been sowing into my life and every member of my family. I know I am breaking […]