Happy Church

Denver, Colorado, 1983

This church service from 1983 changed my life. I have listened to this recording on Authority and Dominion in Christ hundreds of time. Frequently, the Holy Spirit shows me something new.

Please listen to the entire recording. Develop a kindred spirit with understanding the full of the Gospel in this scriptural teaching.



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Vintage Videos (Working Knowledge of Faith)

from Kenneth Copeland Ministries and special guest Charles Capps.

Charles Capps was a farmer, land developer and ordained minister who traveled throughout the United States sharing the truth of God’s word.  He taught bible seminars for 24 years, sharing how Christians can apply the Word to the circumstances of life and live victoriously.

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Becoming a Man of God.

From Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Special Guest Edwin Louis Cole

God designed manhood to be an Adventure, and He gave man a desire for responsibility and challenge. But today’s men are finding their roles in life increasingly difficult and confusing.

Now you can rediscover your position in God with this vintage power packed series with Kenneth Copeland and Edwin Louis Cole. Start living the dream of Hero, Adventurer, King and Priest: Becoming a Man of God!